Need a concrete lifting, levelling and void filling estimate in Manitoba, North-Western Ontario or surrounding areas?

Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting & Levelling

vs. Traditional Mud-Jacking:

Many of our potential customers still ask us: "What is the difference between poly lifting and mudjacking? And we don't blame them for asking! Whenever a new product, service or new way of doing something comes out, it is just a known fact that there will be some uncertainty for a while. Poly lifting has been around for much longer than Manitoba consumers have ever known. The reasons why are indicated below!

​Fewer & Smaller Injection Holes

While we do use much smaller and fewer injection holes, this does NOT mean we cover a smaller area within each injection point. It means the exact opposite! Due to the fact that our foam is injected as a two-part liquid, it has the ability to travel in a much larger radius from the injection hole before it expands becomes a dense foam. This is why polyurethane concrete lifting requires fewer & smaller injection holes (5/8" in diameter), which is far more aesthetically pleasing compared to mudjacking holes, which are 1 5/8" in diameter.

Convenient Cure Time

Foam cure time is less than 15 minutes, which means you can use your concrete immediately after cleanup! Mudjacking can take ‪around 1-2‬ days to cure.

Raise, Level, Stabilize & STAY

Concrete lifting foam expands to not only lift your sunken concrete, but to also stabilize the aggregates beneath. It is impervious to water and decay, which means your concrete will stay in place for a very long time. A mudjacking mixture can be washed away with time when moisture or critters come into play. As long as you maintain the surrounding grade around your concrete, ensure the foam is not exposed to the UV rays post-lift and maintain downspouts and properly extend them away from the area, your repair is expected to last you for years to come!

Lighter Material

Polyurethane concrete lifting foam is much lighter (2 lbs per cubic foot) than a mudjacking slurry (100 lbs per cubic foot), which makes much more sense to use on already unstable soils.

Permanent Fix

One of the main reasons to choose polyurethane concrete lifting over mudjacking is the fact that it is definitely the more permanent fix. By filling in all voids and airspaces beneath your concrete slab with the polyurethane concrete lifting, levelling, void filling and stabilizing foam systems, this will help stop any existing & future water infiltration and keeps critters out in order to keep preventing future settlement. You definitely won't get that with a mud mixture!


Our confidence with our products gives us the ability to provide our customers with a standard 5-Year Limited Warranty on all projects.