Need a concrete lifting, levelling and void filling estimate in Manitoba, North-Western Ontario or surrounding areas?

before you start...

Here is a bit of background information on raising, levelling and stabilizing concrete with polyurethane foam systems

The concrete lifting, stabilizing and void filling foams we use are designed specifically for repairing out-of level, unsupported and settled concrete slabs. They are injected as a liquid, which gives the foams the ability to travel to the path of least resistance before becoming a dense foam. When it starts to travel, it will percolate into all voids and air spaces beneath concrete which has been the main cause of settlement in the first place. In about 12-15 seconds from the point of injection, it starts to expand and becomes a dense foam. This is where you actually get that "lift" from. Our foam is non-erodible, non-decomposable, and it is impervious to water, which means it will not shrink, sag or wash away over time. It has stabilizing properties and will increase the structural sub-base beneath your concrete by 25 thousand PSI or more (for every square-foot of concrete). Depending on the weight of the foam system that needs to be used, the foam can travel anywhere from 3-6 feet in diameter from the point of injection. Void filling foams can spread anywhere from 5-12 feet in diameter from the point of injection. PWSF Inc can provide any type of foam system for concrete of any thickness, structural type and weight, in order to repair and fix out-of-level, settled and/or overburden concrete. All geo-technical foam systems with specifications have product-tested data sheets that can be provided for any concrete project if requested.

Some of Our Most 

Commonly Used

Raising Foams


Not all concrete lifting is done with one type of foam. 

Our choice of foam that we use to lift your slab is dependent on its weight, purpose and location. Slab-Jack Kings only uses the highest quality materials in the market today.

2.5 lb Concrete Raising Foam


This foam is specifically designed for residential concrete raising. This 2.5 lb. per cubic foot density foam has a fast reaction time with less spread. This provides more control in the lifting of the concrete slabs in your driveway, patio, pool deck, walkways, garage approaches and sidewalks.


Used for:


Lightweight and fast reacting, this foam is used for residential concrete lifting.


4lb Concrete Raising Foam

Rocking concrete slabs that are caused by high traffic and heavy loads can lead to traffic hazards on our roads and possible issues in commercial or industrial settings.

These safety issues require resolution, and ultimately led us to create a foam specifically for D.O.T., municipal, industrial, and commercial applications.


This foam is engineered to be stronger for lifting larger slabs and will also stand up to heavy loads and high traffic. It exceeds specifications required by the D.O.T.


Used for:

-Manufacturing floors
-Loading docks
-On/Off ramps

-Bridge approaches
-Heavy, thick concrete slabs
-High and heavy traffic areas

Other Special Purpose Foams

4lb Hydrophobic Concrete Raising Foam

We have foams available to us that allow us to lift submerged concrete slabs and fill voids underneath them (i.e. boat ramps).

5lb Stabilizing Foam

​This 5 lb. per cubic foot density foam, provides a slower reaction time and further spread. Due to the distance, this foam can travel. It is excellent for under-sealing and stabilizing joints on rocking slabs from slab curl. This polyurethane foam is formulated for stabilization, not lifting; therefore, it does not have a high expansive force.

6lb Single Component Polyurethane Foam


This 6 lb per cubic foot density foam has been developed for infrastructure repair. The increased compressible strength of the foam is suitable for heavy loads and high traffic areas. The foam was formulated per request from D.O.T. engineers for specialty applications.