Need a concrete lifting, levelling and void filling estimate in Manitoba, North-Western Ontario or surrounding areas?

Poured, Concrete Slabs That Can Be Lifted:





Basement Floors

Garage Pads

Pool Decks



 Landscaping Slabs

​Commercial - Industrial - Agricultural


Joint Stabilization

Void filling

Machine Stabilization

Railroad Approach

Floating Dock Barrels

Tank Injection

Grain Bin Floors

Barn or Shop Floors

Airport Runways & Tarmacs

Rocking Concrete Floor Panels

Industrial Plant Slabs

Warehouse slabs

Office & Retail Floors

Concrete Parkades

​Gymnasiums & Classroom Floors


City Roads

City Sidewalks

Settled Bridge Approach Concrete Slabs

Settled Concrete Roads, Highways, Runways, Tarmacs

Wash-Outs & Sink Holes

Construction Over Perma-Frost

Rocking Floor Panels

Abandoned Culverts, Pipes, and Ducts

Erosion Control

Soil Stabilization





Insulating and Sealing of Electrical and Mechanical vaults

Abandoned Culverts, Pipes and voids

Reactive Clays and Other Erosion Stabilization

Blast Rock Stabilization

Restoring Load Transfer to Heavy Traffic or Load Areas

Settled Decks and Aprons

Fixing Frictions on Friction Piles

Liquification Prevention

Secondary Containment

Space Filling in Tunnels During Sleeving Processes

Water infiltration/ Ex-Infiltration

Catch Basins

Deep Storm System Voids

Lift Stations

Weight Scales